Journal of New Media and Communication (JNMC) is a journal published by Bes Sinergi Properti. All submitted article must be peer-reviewed by blind peer review before published. Publish decision of articles acceptance made by Editor In Chief  through a forum with editor board according to Reviewers comments. Paper that submitted, must be checked by Turn It In before publish. Author can follow this step for submit article:

  1. Author submit by online submission and complete metadata.
  2. Editors will check percentase of plagiarisme trough turn it in
  3. Editors will assign reviewers and process that are willing to work, have Integrity, commitments, adhere to the all the rules and good experties field match with the manuscript and have to avoid conflicts of interest.
  4. Anonymity peer review systems.
  5. Peer review was carried out as a form of scientific work evaluation in order to maintain its quality and scientific integrity.
  6. Review should be objective and impartiality and avoid exclusive private.
  7. It must be blind review 
  8. Review Process and acceptence article will take between 2 weeks - 6 weeks, since paper submitted. 
  9. Paper will publish during periode of publication betwewn April and Oktober.